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It’s Star Wars day, young padawans. That’s because, as most people probably know by now, the whole “May the fourth be with you” thing. But despite the dad-joke level pun that made this a commercial holiday, it’s a good day to be a fan of the beloved series. That’s because pretty much every retailer that sells Star Wars stuff, from movies to games to collectables, is running a sale on exactly that stuff.

So if you like any aspect of Star Wars, you’re likely to find a deal worth considering. Below, we’ve rounded up all the best deals available on this most Star Wars of days. Have a look and see if something catches your eye.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order is $14.99

jedi-fallen-order Star Wars Day: All the Best Deals on Movies, Gear, Games, and More | IGN

Best Buy has Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order on sale for $14.99 today. Better yet, a free next-gen upgrade is coming this summer for everyone who owns the game. But even without the upgrade, it’s a very fun game.

Star Wars 4K Movies Are $16.99 Each

Both Best Buy and Amazon are offering big discounts on all the Star Wars films in 4K, dropping prices from the unreasonable MSRP of $39.99 all the way down to a much more reasonable $16.99 each.

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Get $10 Best Buy Gift Card with Select Star Wars LEGO Sets

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Buy any of these awesome Star Wars LEGO sets, and you’ll get a free $10 Best Buy gift card with your purchase. Not a bad deal, considering these things are gorgeous and would look great sitting on your shelf.

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia is 47% Off

star-wars-encyclopedia Star Wars Day: All the Best Deals on Movies, Gear, Games, and More | IGN

If you want a seriously high-quality collection of Star Wars lore to sit on your shelf, this is it. This three-volume encyclopedia covers everything you’d want to know about the first six movies, plus The Clone Wars, plus the novels, cartoons, stories, and video games up to the date of publication (2008). It’s a lot.

Star Wars Armada is 30% Off

star-wars-armada Star Wars Day: All the Best Deals on Movies, Gear, Games, and More | IGN

The miniature board game Star Wars Armada is on sale at Amazon for 30% off. It’s a two-player tabletop game about fleet battles in outer space. This is the base set to get you started.

Digital Star Wars Game Sales

May-the-4th-Sale Star Wars Day: All the Best Deals on Movies, Gear, Games, and More | IGN

May the Fourth sales are live on pretty much all the digital video game storefronts. You can save lots of cash on games like Star Wars Squadrons, KOTOR, Battlefront II, and a whole lot more. Seriously, there are so many Star Wars games on sale right now.

Star Wars Watch Deals

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More Star Wars Deals

As mentioned above, all the retailers are doing something to celebrate Star Wars Day. Click through to see the full sales.

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