Zelda Screenwriter Opens Up On How Much Fun It Was To Make The TV Series | Nintendo Life

“I figured I was about to get reamed for all of the sneaky innuendo”.

The Zelda cartoon series has its fair share of critics, but like so many shows from the period, there are almost as many fans who will fight tooth and nail to prevent anyone saying anything even remotely negative about it. If you fall into the latter camp, then you’ll no doubt be interested to learn that Eve Forward – one of the screenwriters of the show – has spoken about working on the series.

Speaking to @kzinssiebroiler on Twitter, Forward – who also worked on GI Joe and Biker Mice from Mars during her career – talks about how DIC, the company behind the series, was focused on the Super Mario Brothers Super Show, which gave the Zelda team a lot more leeway when it came to scripts and character design.

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