Editor On Netflix’s Castlevania Discusses The Potential For A Legend Of Zelda Anime | Nintendo Life

“Anyone would chomp at the bit to make a show like this”.

There have been plenty of rumours and mumblings over the past few years suggesting that The Legend of Zelda might end up getting its very own TV series – remember the live-action Netflix show that was going to be like a friendlier Game of Thrones? – but no such thing has materialised. That live-action project was reportedly canned by Nintendo after it leaked, seemingly putting the gaming giant off the idea of TV adaptations entirely, but things have changed since then.

Fast forward to the present day and we know that Mario’s getting his own movie in 2022, and Nintendo’s opened up about the fact that it’s already looking into more animations beyond that; could Zelda finally get the animated treatment fans have been waiting for?

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