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Luxury fashion company Balenciaga has released a new line of PlayStation branded clothing, with each item costing in excess of $100 more than a PlayStation 5 console.

The new line, created in collaboration with Sony, features two t-shirts and a hoodie. The shirts come in at $675, while the hoodie is $875. At $499, the PS5 is… let’s say “competitively priced” against this adjacent merchandise.

ps5-t-shirt-full-1622647952785 This PlayStation-Branded T-Shirt Costs More Than a PS5 | IGN

The PlayStation 5 Boxy T-Shirts are available in either black or red, with printed text that includes the word Balenciaga in the PlayStation font, the classic face button designs, and a ‘nov 2020 collection’ design, referencing the November 2020 release date of the PS5 console. The hoodie is available only in black, and has the same design, just with the logo and face button designs printed down the length of the sleeves, too.

All the garments are 100% cotton, so at least for the price they will be gentle on your skin. Do be sure to cold wash and air dry, of course; you wouldn’t want to shrink $675 worth of t-shirt, would you?

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If you’d rather spend hundreds of dollars on PlayStation merchandise that actually plays games, then might we recommend the PlayStation 5. If you can find one in stock, you’ll find that it’s quite a good console, with exciting games on the horizon such as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart.

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