Arcade1Up is Bringing Back the Classic Simpsons Arcade | IGN

The Simpsons Arcade will soon be coming home. The classic brawler will be joining Tastemakers’ boutique Arcade1Up lineup, which offers replicas of vintage arcade machines to collectors.

Like the rest of Arcade1Up’s collection, The Simpsons Arcade machine will be a 3/4-sized replica of the original machine. It will include a deck protector, matching riser, and vintage artwork that makes cabinet just as you remember it.

In addition, the Simpsons Arcade will feature wi-fi capability, allowing players to connect with Arcade1Up owners. A second, unannounced bonus game will be included with the cabinet as well. Preorders open July 15.

simpsons-arcade-blogroll-1623268731519 Arcade1Up is Bringing Back the Classic Simpsons Arcade | IGN

Originally released in 1991, the Simpsons arcade game is a tribute to the show’s first season, making it a beloved artifact among fans. It’s also quite enjoyable to play, with the personality of each Simpsons family member being evident in their fighting style. It received a re-release on PSN and Xbox Live back in 2012, but was removed the following year, and has been tough to find ever since.

So while Arcade1Up’s release won’t be cheap — machines typically retail for hundreds of dollars — it will be the most authentic home version yet of a classic beat ’em up. And Arcade1Up isn’t done. Stay tuned for the IGN Expo on Friday, June 11, where more machines will be revealed.

And of course, make sure to keep an eye on our E3 2021 events schedule as the Summer of Gaming continues.

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