Hands On: LEGO Builder’s Journey Is A Tiny, Beautiful Experiment About The Joy In Play | Nintendo Life

Creative block.

LEGO Builder’s Journey might fly under the radar on Switch, despite bearing the name of the mega-popular brick manufacturer, purely because it’s quite different to their normal fare — but we really hope it doesn’t. For the past couple of decades or so, the LEGO games have been dominated by other massive franchises — Star Wars, Harry Potter, Batman, and Marvel — but LEGO Builder’s Journey takes the familiar plastic in a new, pared-down direction that’s more than welcome in a time where games are largely sprawling, bombastic experiences.

Strongly inspired by the visual simplicity of games like Monument Valley, but with a mildly sinister dark side reminiscent of Inside and What Remains of Edith Finch, LEGO Builder’s Journey is a narrative game told without words. Its story unfolds through environmental and interactive elements, as you — a young child, represented not by a minifig, but by blank, gender-free bricks — learn to build and play with your parent.

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