Random: Yes, Someone’s Made A Handheld Virtual Boy With Light Up Buttons | Nintendo Life

I’m a Real Boy!

We’ve seen a variety of Nintendo’s illustrious home consoles turned into handhelds by talented modders with some know-how and plenty of elbow grease and spray paint — we’re thinking of fanmade consoles like the Wiiboy Color or the Portable N64 — but you probably wouldn’t expect somebody to go to the trouble (and from the video below, the trouble looks to have been considerable) of building a handheld Virtual Boy.

That’s exactly what YouTuber Shank of Shank Mods has done, though. Apparently taking “lots of custom electronics, hardware and code” and a whole year to assemble, the result is a small handheld Virtual Boy — dubbed the Real Boy — that runs proper VB carts on a console you hold in your mitts (rather than play on a tabletop through a viewfinder).

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