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With the second Critical Role campaign having come to an end last week, it’s time for a new adventure set in the world of Exandria, as a new mini-series campaign featuring some of the core Critical Role cast will debut this month.

Critical Role has announced Exandria Unlimited, which will launch on June 24 at 7 pm PT on Critical Role’s Twitch and YouTube channels. This new campaign will be led by Game Master Aabria Iyengar (Happy Jacks RPG, Saving Throw, and more), with players including Critical Role’s own Matthew Mercer (Overwatch), Ashley Johnson (The last of Us Part II), and Liam O’Brien (Nier Replicant), as well as Aimee Carrero (Elena of Avalor), and Robbie Daymond (Sailor Moon). Exandria Unlimited is set 30 years after the Vox Machina campaign and 10 years after the Mighty Nein campaign.

exandriaunlimited-fullcast-byheirlumephotography-72dpi-cr-01-1623271237595 Critical Role Announces Exandria Unlimited, A New Campaign Launching This Month | IGN

Viewers will first meet these characters in the city of Emon, which is still dealing with the fallout of the Chroma Conclave attack 30 years prior.

Exandria Unlimited will be considered canon within the wider Critical Role story, and “will affect future environments and timelines across the overall lore of Critical Role.” So as fans await what may come from Campaign 3 of the core CR cast, Unlimited looks to offer a new vantage point into the world of Exandria. And it’s likely not the only such story planned; the announcement for the series teases that “Within the world of Exandria, there are an unlimited amount of stories to be told – and we have only just begun.”

Exandria Unlimited’s eight episodes will air weekly on Thursdays, with VODs available on YouTube the Mondays after air, Twitch immediately after for subscribers, and as a podcast one week after the initial airing.

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Critical Role wrapped up its second campaign, focused on the adventuring group, the Mighty Nein, last week, culminating years of storytelling in an epic finale. During the course of this last campaign, Critical Role has expanded in a number of different directions beyond the weekly D&D live stream, with new shows on Twitch and YouTube, comic books, a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, and even board games.

On the last of those, the company’s new board and card game publishing arm, Darrington Press, recently released its first game, Uk’otoa, and production continues on the Vox Machina animated series that went from its impressive Kickstarter run to being picked up for multiple seasons by Amazon.

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