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Speedrunner Crescendo has set a new blindfolded world record after completing Super Mario Bros. in 11 minutes and 55 seconds.

This news comes by way of Eurogamer, which reports that Crescendo posted their world record run yesterday on YouTube after attempting to beat the record for over 40 hours. Crescendo beat the previous blindfold world record for a Super Mario Bros. completion, which sat at 14 minutes and 46 seconds since 2016, by nearly

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“I started planning this run on May 29 and started doing full-game attempts on June 19,” Crescendo wrote in his world record video’s description. “I played in one-hour sessions once or twice per day. All told, it was 40 hours of attempts.”

Crescendo also mentions that he’s a musician, which actually came in handy when going for this world record. That’s because, in some sections of the game, Crescendo had to accurately count in seconds to perform a perfect series of jumps when required to progress in the level, as Eurogamer points out.

He also used fireballs as a tool to determine how far away certain things were and broke specific bricks to determine his whereabouts on a level.

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Eurogamer cites the speedrun subreddit and how people there are discussing how particularly difficult Super Mario Bros. is to speedrun, let alone speedrunning it while blindfolded and breaking a world record in the process. They specifically mention AKittyCat’s comment as they explain the difficulty in speedrunning Super Mario Bros. compared to Super Mario 64.

“64 has the benefit of being 3D and Open world-ish allowing you to take your time in certain areas and has more sound clues to go off of to help navigate,” AKittyCat said. “SMB1 has time limits, a much more unforgiving play style, and basically no sound clues to go off of for navigation help outside of hitting a block or an enemy.”

Crescendo says he is working on a tutorial video to teach would-be speedrunners (or those simply interested in the madness that is this incredible feat) how he broke the world record. Crescendo broke this record just days after Summer Games Done Quick 2021 wrapped up its charity efforts, in which it raised $2.8 million for Doctors Without Borders.

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