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sale-295897-article-image-1626382092916 Build Your Own Flux Capacitor With This Awesome LEGO Kit | IGN

There are some awesome things you can build with LEGO: a stunning Iron Man artwork, a super cute little Grogu, and even a huge Imperial Star Destroyer

But perhaps the coolest LEGO build we’ve seen in a while is this Flux Capacitor with Animated LED Lights, which is on sale for $54.99 today – a 15% discount off the regular price of $64. Because, really, is there anything more impressive than being able to say you’ve built your very own Flux Capacitor? No, of course, there isn’t. 

Great Scott! Your own Flux Capacitor, really? This kit makes it simple, and it’s put together by the fine LEGO minds at specialist kit brand Brickstuff. Combining genuine LEGO bricks with a pre-assembled flexible circuit board, LED lights, a battery pack with an on/off switch, and full, illustrated assembly instructions, all you need to add is your own AA batteries to get this cool gadget moving and its LED lights pulsing and flashing. 

With most LEGO sets, the building is the fun part – but with this fascinating device, having it working once you’ve created it will set you up for infinite more enjoyment to come after,

We cannot confirm yet, though, whether it will actually allow you to time travel – but regardless, it sure does make a cool gift – for a loved one, or for yourself. 

product-309719-product-shots2-1626382113427 Build Your Own Flux Capacitor With This Awesome LEGO Kit | IGN

Brickstuff specializes in taking LEGO and pushing it one step further, creating innovative hobby kits which combine building with our favorite bricks with working lights, sound, scale models, and more, with its kits featured in the likes of Gizmodo and The Brick Blogger, amongst others.

Build your own Flux Capacitor with this Flux Capacitor with Animated LED Lights Kit, now with 16% off, for just $54.99 (regular price $64).

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