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Today you can save $100 off the newest Apple iPad Air, the lowest price we’ve ever seen. The very well rated AirPods Pro is also back down to the same price we saw on Amazon Prime Day. In other deal news, score 100 feet of LED light strips for $25, $20 off the Xbox Elite Controller (Xbox Series X compatible), 50% off a WD portable solid state drive, $10 off the newly released Zelda: Skyward Sword game, and more below.

$100 Off the Newest Apple iPad Air

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The 4th generation Apple iPad Air released in 2020 is still the newest model out. It’s the best iPad to get if you don’t need the power (and price tag) of the iPad Pro. Thanks to its slim bezels, it has a larger screen size (10.9″ vs 10.2″) compared to the iPad without noticeably increasing the overall footprint. The iPad Air display also features Tru Tone and P3 Wide Color (gamut). It connects via USB Type-C cable, which is much more convenient than the proprietary Lightning cable.

Apple AirPods Pro Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

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If you regret not picking the Airpods Pro up on Amazon Prime Day at 24% off, here’s your chance to get it today at the same price. The AirPods Pro is considered one of the best noise-cancelling in-ear headphones you can get, especially for under $200, and it’s significantly better than even the vanilla AirPods. Woot is owned by Amazon, and in this particular case you’ll have to log in with your Amazon Prime account in order to see the discount.

Govee 100ft RGB LED Light Strips

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You won’t find 100 feet of LED strip lights for a mere $25 at your local brick and mortar electronics store (you’d be lucky to find 1/10 of that length for the same price). These lights do feature some extra functionality, like color changing, music-sync, and bluetooth for smartphone control. If you’re in the market for some cheap yet good looking bling, you can’t do much better than this. It’s probably too long as accent lighting for your gaming monitor, but it’s definitely long enough to light up a small room or your entire gaming space.

Xbox Elite Black Series 2 Wireless Controller

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The Elite controller is compatible with the Xbox Series X|S. The price might be high but it’s worth it if the games you play require precise control. This professional-grade controller features adjustable tension thumbsticks, shorter hair trigger locks, wraparound textured grips, interchangeable thumbsticks and paddle shapes, custom profiles saved on your controller itself, and included USB Type C cable with charging dock. It boasts up to 40 hours of battery life.

WD 512GB Portable Solid State Drive (SSD)

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This is a great price for a portable solid state drive from a reputable brand. This WD Passport features an internal SSD instead of an HDD. Paired with the faster USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-C) connection, you’re going to get much faster transfer speeds compared to your average portable hard drive. SSDs have no moving parts, so they’re more durable than traditional hard drives, consume less power, and generate less heat.

LEGO Ideas International Space Station

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The ISS model is a good-sized model at 19″ long and includes 2 astronaut microfigures, a mini NASA space shuttle, and 3 mini cargo spacecrafts, as well as a 148-page instruction booklet. It’s very well priced right now at only 6.5 cents per brick.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

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This game came out on last Friday and Walmart is offering a sweet $10 discount for it. When you try to add it to cart, Walmart will ask for your name and email address (it doesn’t matter what you put in). Don’t worry, no email will be sent to you. You’ll proceed straight to your cart with the discounted price. If you’re on the fence about getting the game, then check out our Skyward Sword review.

Persona 5 Royal for PS5

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Persona 5 was the best RPG on the PS4, but Atlus somehow made the game much, much better. The Persona 5: Royal Edition introduces a brand new character and seamlessly inserts her into the existing storyline, the ability to customize your very own Thieves’ den, new story arcs, new cutscenes and new endings. They’ve even added an entire new semester to give you ample amounts of time to finish all of your quests.

Apple Back to School Sale

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Apple’s annual Back to School Sale is already under way. This year, current and new students, parents, and faculty can get a free pair of Apple AirPods when purchasing an iPad Air, iPad Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, or Mac Mini. If you want to upgrade, you can get the AirPods with Wireless Charging Case for $40 or AirPods Pro for $90. You can also get 20% off AppleCare on any Apple product.

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