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sale-296682-article-image-1626898775129 Become a Cybersecurity Professional with this Highly-Rated Training Package | IGN

With ransomware attacks on the rise, cybersecurity is becoming more important than ever. A single slipup or missed vulnerability could cost a major company millions of dollars to save their customers’ data, privacy, and safety. If you’re looking to change careers or get a promotion in the IT field, getting certified in cybersecurity is a sure win. Look no further than Infosec4TC, one of the premier e-learning companies in the cybersecurity field. Right now you have a golden opportunity with Infosec4TC, their Lifetime Platinum Membership is on sale for only $69!

Platinum Membership gives you access to all of Infosec4TC’s cybersecurity courses, including any added in the future, for life! You’ll get access to courses including ethical hacking, GSEC Security Essentials certification, CISSP Exam Prep, and many many more! In addition, you also get access to all the student social media groups and the student portal, letting you talk directly with colleagues and fellow students with whom you can network and reveal a whole world of cybersecurity professionals. All for the one-time fee of $69!

Taught by expert cybersecurity professional and 20-year veteran of the industry Mohamed Atef, you know that you are getting the best instruction for your money. Mr. Atef is an IT cybersecurity expert who has worked for IBM, the Cleveland Clinic, and even the Republic of Egypt. Let his expertise and years of hard work in cybersecurity guide you onto the career path that you have always dreamed of. There’s a reason why Infosec4TC has a 4.5/5 rating on Trustpilot; with top-tier content, ease of use, and a world-class instructor they have had thousands of students go on to become certified professionals in the industry.

Infosec4TC gives you the freedom to study on your own time, so you can fit this into your busy schedule. You can also take as long as you need, the courses will always be available to you and you get to set your own timeline. It’s an easy entry into the adventurous and exciting world of cybersecurity, so get the Platinum Membership to Infosec4TC today!

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