The 25 best horror games on PC to play in 2021 | Rock Paper Shotgun

best-horror-games The 25 best horror games on PC to play in 2021 | Rock Paper Shotgun

In the immortal words of that author who wrote all them horror books for kids: reader beware, you’re in for a scare. We’ve spruced up our best horror games list for 2021, introducing a slew of newer games and classics alike, adding the best of the past few years so we’re bang up to date. Whether you want survival horror, action, creeping dread or gore up the walls, this list has you covered – even if you’re not a fan of jump scares. It is our way to keep a broad view of genre, but this list only has games that you can buy and play right now, so there’s no need to rummage through any second-hand stores in search of a lost copy.

There’s plenty to look forwards to in the future of scary games too, with horror afficionados Frictional Games yet to announce details of the game they’re currently working on, and Bloober Team signed up to a “strategic partnership” with Konami that has us very interested indeed. We’ll keep this list updated with the best of the best as and when new games are released that shiver our socks right off!

Remember, if your favourite horror game isn’t here, then it was probably number 26. Check out the full list below, and leave your own recommendations in the comments.

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