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It’s here: the great nineties sitcom Seinfeld has been immortalized in a LEGO set. The set depicts the comedian’s iconic apartment, as well as the stage where Jerry tells standup jokes to kick off and close most episodes. It’s available now exclusively at the LEGO Store for $79.99.

The one caveat is that, for now, it’s only available to VIP members. This is an easy problem to fix, as anyone with a LEGO Store account can become a VIP member just by clicking a button or two. It’s free. If you don’t want to jump through those meager hoops, you can wait until the set is available for non-VIP members on August 1.

LEGO Ideas Seinfeld

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Designed for ages 18 and up, this set is comprised of 1,326 pieces and comes with five minifigures. You get Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer, and Newman. The bulk of the set is Jerry’s apartment, complete with his computer room, kitchen, and a bit of the hallway with the door to Kramer’s apartment.

Like the Friends LEGO sets, this one has lots of fun details from the show. There’s a Superman magnet on the fridge, along with a menu for Monk’s Cafe, where they frequently get coffee. The computer has an internet browser open to the website for Vandelay Industries.

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Each minifig is holding an appropriate item, often from a particularly memorable episode. For instance, Elaine has a goldfish in a bag, a reference to the parking garage episode. George has a loaf of marble rye and a fishing pole. Kramer has a pretzel and his coffee table book of coffee tables. You even get one of George Costanza’s boudoir photos to hang on the wall.

Again, this set is only available to VIP members for now. It will open up to everyone on August 1, but there’s no reason not to sign up for the VIP program. If you do sign up for the program, you’ll start accruing VIP points for each LEGO Store purchase. These can be redeemed for various prizes and other things. You also get early access to certain sets (like this Seinfeld one) and are eligible for various other benefits. 

The set is part of the LEGO Ideas line, in which anyone can submit build ideas for LEGO to consider making if they receive 10,000 votes from the community.

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Chris Reed is a commerce editor for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @_chrislreed.

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