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Tales of Glory: A Primer on Narrative Combat

Like this content? Read More How can you make your combat encounters less of a grind and more of a storytelling experience? DC, designer of Mutants in the Night and plot ARMOR is here to help you craft thrilling narrative combat encounters in D&D! Related posts: Is Marvel Setting Up Its Next Big Star Wars […]


Scumbag Alignments: Lawful Petty

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Nightmare Tavern: The Groaning Leviathan

Like this content? Read More It’s painful when adventurers behave badly at the tavern. So let’s make this a very painful tavern. Related posts: Nightmare Tavern: The Groaning Leviathan | DnD Beyond Tavern Keeper Build | The Legend of Vox Machina Nightmare NPCs: Shopkeep Inferno True Fiction: The real deaths that inspired Twin Peaks, Nightmare […]


Encounter of the Week: Escape from Elturel

Like this content? Read More The holy city of Elturel is known as a refuge for the good people of the world. It is a bulwark against corruption and chaos—whether it come from the wilderness of the Western Heartlands or the crime-infested streets of Baldur’s Gate. Related posts: Between the Lines | Critical Role | […]