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Report: Japanese Esports Market Grows 27% YoY, Audience Expected Grow 250% Over the Next Four Years | The Esports Observer

This guest post was written for The Esports Observer by Wiktor Marczyk, a Japanese interpreter and founder of gaming-focused translating services company GG Translating. According to a recent study by a Japanese company KADOKAWA Game Linkage, Japanese esports market revenue has grown 27% year on year to over $55M USD, with the esports audience observing […]


Nielsen and LCS Implement Live+ Metric to Measure VOD Viewing | The Esports Observer

Riot Game’s LCS expands its relationship with Nielsen to implement “live+,” a measurement rating system for time-shifted viewing. Live+ will complement the average-minute-audience metric utilized by Nielsen and Riot to report last year’s viewership stats. Nielsen has partnered with multiple organizers and rights holders to establish consistent viewership metrics. Riot Games, through its League of […]


T1 sign top Smash player MkLeo | ESPN Esports

T1 Sports & Entertainment announced on Wednesday the signing of Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez, the winningest player in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Read More Related posts: Byleth: What’s Really Going On Behind the Anger Around Super Smash Bros’ Newest Character | IGN New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character to Be Revealed on Thursday | IGN […]


Viewers Show Up for Speedrunning Marathons – Top Twitch Channels Feb. 17-23, 2020 | The Esports Observer

The European Speedrunner Assembly held its ESA Winter 2020 charity event last week. As is typically the case with big speedrunning charity marathons, the event led all channels on Twitch. League of Legends streamer Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni has built up momentum for himself through a unique streaming challenge that appears to have captivated the […]


Novel Coronavirus Affects Esports in South Korea and Japan, Bilibili Denies Tencent as Top Shareholder | The Esports Observer

Last week China reported that 24 provinces had no increase in novel coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), and most of the Chinese people have gone back to work after the Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, the virus has expanded to Italy, Iran, Japan, and South Korea. Multiple esports companies and esports tournaments in those regions have been affected.  […]