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CouRage Signs Exclusive Streaming Deal with YouTube | The Esports Observer

Twitch streamer Jack “CouRage” Dunlop has agreed to an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube. Dunlop already has about 1.9M subscribers and 279M views on YouTube, where he has posted videos since 2013. Streamers Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek both recently signed exclusive streaming deals with Microsoft’s Mixer platform. Popular Twitch streamer Jack “CouRage” […]


The Story Mob Adds Maik Matischak as Head of European Sports & Partnership | The Esports Observer

The Story Mob, an esports communications consultancy, appointed Maik Matischak as its new head of European Sports & Partnerships. Matischak is set to lead the consultancy’s expansion into sports and partnerships in Europe and in building up The Story Mob’s European headquarters in Berlin. Matischak brings several years of communications experience in the sports and […]


Popular streamer CouRage leaves Twitch for YouTube | ESPN Esports

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop announced Monday that he is leaving Twitch to live-stream exclusively on YouTube. Read More Related posts: Another popular Twitch streamer leaves for Mixer | PC Gamer Shroud Announces Move to Mixer from Twitch, Joining 2018’s Most-Watched Streamer Ninja | The Esports Observer Worlds 2019, Fortnite Rise on Twitch: Top Twitch Channels, Oct. […]


BlizzCon Boosts Asmongold, Europe Wins at Worlds Semifinals: Top Twitch Channels Oct. 28 – Nov. 3 | The Esports Observer

The League of Legends World Championship (Worlds 2019) continues to drive multiple channels into the Top 10 as the tournament nears its conclusion. This weekend also saw several channels buoyed by the excitement surrounding new game announcements at BlizzCon 2019, including a sequel to Overwatch. Finally, A lighter esports schedule allowed several streamers to ride […]


Blizzard and Secretlab Partner for Overwatch Gaming Chairs | The Esports Observer

Secretlab will produce a pair of licensed gaming chairs based on Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch. Chairs featuring the Overwatch game logo and imagery from fan-favorite character D.Va are available for pre-order. Blizzard Entertainment has a separate gaming chair partnership with Zipchair Gaming for the Overwatch League. Secretlab has announced a pair of officially-licensed gaming chairs based […]


Deutsche Telekom Sponsors League of Legends Premier Tour | The Esports Observer

Deutsche Telekom is the latest sponsor of the League of Legends Premier Tour. The company also sponsors SK Gaming, whose new Cologne Magenta Facility is named after the telecom’s color scheme. Other Premier Tour sponsors include Shell, NicNac’s, HyperX, BARMER, R+V Versicherung, and Dr. Oetker’s La Mia Grande pizza brand. German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom […]