Filling Your Entire Backyard With a Giant K’nex Roller Coaster Beats Waiting in Line at an Amusement Park | Gizmodo

The original 2,400-piece K’nex roller coaster is one of the holy grails of ‘90s toys. And for some, it inspired a lifetime obsession with building scale model thrill rides. YouTube’s CoasterWriter has taken the hobby to its extreme, building a backyard-sized K’nex coaster featuring a towering 10-foot tall main drop. Read more… Related posts: The […]


Stud-Covered Sequencer Uses Lego Bricks to Build Beats Instead of Spaceships | Gizmodo

Making electronic music can often be a mind-numbing experience of endlessly turning dials and pushing buttons. To make the process more interesting, and to make it appealing to aspiring musicians, Belgium-based Atonal Circuits has created a 16-step sequencer that’s programmed by simply attaching Lego bricks. Read more… Related posts: LEGO Mario Details Revealed – Not […]