PUBG Corp. Details Events and Prize Money Distribution for the PUBG Global Series | The Esports Observer

PUBG Corp. announced it will have three event stops and a grand finals with a total prize pool distribution of at least $2M USD. Each team that participates in the first three event stops is guaranteed $20K in prize money. Aside from prize pool winnings, teams will also benefit from a revenue-sharing initiative that sees […]


Riot Games Names Redd+E Broadcast Distribution Rights Partner for 2020 LoL Pacific Championship Series | The Esports Observer

Riot Games partners with Redd+E to handle broadcast distribution rights for the 2020 League of Legends Pacific Championship Series (PCS). The PCS will use a new competitive format that starts with best-of-ones that lead to a double-elimination bracket. Broadcasts will be available in English, Mandarin, and Thai. On Monday, Riot Games announced that it has […]