Fury Unleashed Leaves Early Access and Launches May 8 on PC and Consoles | Niche Gamer

Awesome Games Studio have announced the release date for their roguelite action-platformer Fury Unleashed, along with the game coming to consoles. The game has been in development for five years, and first entered Early Access in early 2017. This comic book-themed action-roguelite is heavily focused on chaining kills together into huge combos. The higher your […]


Tak Fujii’s Metro Management Game Stationflow Leaves Early Access April 15 | Niche Gamer

DMM Games have announced metro station management game Stationflow, produced by Tak Fujii (Gal Metal, Ninety-Nine Nights II) will be leaving Steam Early Access. Players must manage a 3D underground train station, making sure that commuters flow through, and have an enjoyable experience. Avoid congestion, and keep within your budget, and your budget will get bigger. […]