Bless Unleashed Comes to PC Early 2021 | Niche Gamer

NEOWIZ have announced that their action MMORPG, Bless Unleashed, will be coming to Windows PC in early 2021. Bless Unleashed is a reboot of Bless Online, which closed down in September 2019. When compared to its predecessor, Bless Unleashed features a more action-orientated combat system, and runs on Unreal Engine 4 instead of Unreal Engine […]


UnderMine Leaves Early Access August 6 | Niche Gamer

Thorium have announced the release date their action-roguelite UnderMine will leave Early Access. In UnderMine, players start as a mere peasant exploring a dangerous, procedurally generated dungeon. Mine for gold, find ancient artifacts to gain power, and rescue trapped NPCs to unlock new features to make future runs easier. You can find the release trailer below. […]