Temtem: Kisiwa Island Update Now Live | Niche Gamer

Crema have released the Kisiwa Island update for their creature taming MMORPG, Temtem. The highlight of the update is Kisiwa Island, a new region to explore full of new Temtems, items, techniques, and story content. The patch also increases the level cap to 58 (which will allow the starter Temtems to evolve into their final […]


Eagle Island Summer Solstice Update Now Live | Niche Gamer

Pixelnicks have released the free Summer Solstice update for their falconry-based action-platformer, Eagle Island. This new update adds a number of features requested by the community, including revamped aiming and player control, some cleaned up animations and effects, and the ability to respawn at the last fast travel statue upon death. You can read more […]