Research Firm Claims Fall of PlayStation in Japan is “Definitive;” Blames Censorship and not Realizing Japan’s Potential | Niche Gamer

A market researcher has stated that it is “definitive” PlayStation will fall in Japan, due to censorship and not realizing the region’s potential. The Japanese branch of GamesIndustry.biz (Translation: DeepL) reports in their article “[Monthly Review] Examining Sony’s ‘We care about the Japanese market’.” The writer is analyst Hideki Yasuda of the Ace Research Institute, and […]


All But Standard PlayStation 4 Models Reportedly Discontinued in Japan | Niche Gamer

Editor’s Note: We originally posted this article stating the standard PlayStation 4 model was all that remained in Japan. We have adjusted this article to clarify it is the current standard- the PlayStation 4 Slim.  Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) have reportedly discontinued all but the current standard PlayStation 4 model in Japan. GameWatch reports (translation: Google […]