Nekopara Vol. 4: Noël avec les filles-chat et Patissier Launches November 2020 | Niche Gamer

Sekai Project have announced the release date for Neko Works’ visual novel Nekopara Vol. 4: Noël avec les filles-chat et Patissier.  The latest game focuses on how Kashou Minaduki’s father still does not approve of his patisserie; the Minaduki family being a long line of traditional Japanese confectionery makers. His younger sister Shigure recommends a […]


9-nine-:Episode 3 Confirmed for the West, 9-nine-:Episode 4 in Development | Niche Gamer

Sekai Project has announced that Palette’s visual novel 9-nine-:Episode 3 will be coming to the west, and 9-nine-:Episode 4 is in development. The 9-nine- series  follows Kakeru Niimi, hurled into a world of chaos after the sacred relic of a local shrine is shattered- grant several people superhuman powers. One of these people have seemingly become a serial […]