Blizzard Entertainment President Confirms to Investors Next BlizzCon to Take Place Digitally in “the Early Part” of 2021 | Niche Gamer

Blizzard Entertainment president J. Allen Brack has reportedly confirmed the investors that BlizzCon will take place digitally in “the early part” of 2021. We previously reported how Blizzcon 2020 had been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the time executive producer of BlizzCon Saralyn Smith stated BlizzCon organizers were “talking about how we might […]


Sega President Kenji Matsubara Resigns for “Personal Reasons” | Niche Gamer

Sega president and chief publishing officer Kenji Matsubara has announced his resignation, only citing it was for “personal reasons.” In an official notice distributed by Sega Sammy Holdings (thanks, the reason for the resignation was only listed as “personal reasons.” and Video Games Chronicle report Matsubara joined Sega in 2014 as an chief technology […]