Final Fantasy VII Remake to Launch “Far Earlier” in Europe and Australia to Avoid Coronavirus Disruption | Niche Gamer

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be launching “far earlier” in Europe and Australia, in order to avoid any disruption caused by the coronavirua outbreak. Square Enix shared the joint statement of Producer Yoshinori Kitase, and Director Tetsuya Nomura on both Twitter, and the Square Enix official website. To ensure nations who are “currently facing the biggest […]


Panzer Dragoon: Remake Review | Niche Gamer

Panzer Dragoon on the Sega Saturn was one of the most memorable games on the system. It was a visually striking rail shooter that allowed 360 degree rotation during the action. Bogeys and bullets would come at you and your dragon on all sides. Between your dragon’s lock-on lasers and your rapid-fire weapon; you’d up […]