[Part 2] Stellaris Nemesis | The Interstellar Revolution Continues! Leading the Soviet Union

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Homefront: The Revolution Hidden 4K TimeSplitters 2 Port Unlock Codes Uncovered via Reverse Engineering | Niche Gamer

Fans have reverse engineered the unlock codes to a 4K port of TimeSplitters 2Ā hidden within Homefront: The Revolution;Ā just days after it was known and thought to be lost. As previously reported, a Twitter discussion on Easter Eggs developers had hid in their games led toĀ Homefront: The RevolutionĀ developer Matt Phillips revealing theĀ TimeSplitters 2 Easter Egg was […]


Developer Hid ā€œFully Playable, Native 4Kā€ TimeSplitters 2 Port in Homefront: The Revolution; Unlock Code Lost | Niche Gamer

A developer for Homefront: The RevolutionĀ has revealed he hid a 4K port of Timesplitters 2;Ā and that the way to unlock it has been lost. Jan Willem Nijman- a developer who worked on Disc Room, Nuclear Throne,Ā acted as half of Vlambeer and more- asked fellow developers on Twitter about the Easter Eggs they had hidden in […]