Spell Spotlight: Healing Word and Spiritual Weapon | DND Beyond

Spell Spotlight puts D&D’s most turbulent spells under a microscope. This time, two mighty low-level spells that form the core of many clerics’ offensive and defensive powers. Read More Advertisements Related posts: Legends of Runeterra Review in Progress | IGN Legends of Runeterra Review | IGN Spell Spotlight: Healing Word and Spiritual Weapon | DND Beyond […]


Niche Spotlight – Outer Wilds | Niche Gamer

Today’s Spotlight is Outer Wilds, an adventure game by Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive. Outer Wilds released last year on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, but has recently made its way to Steam. Unravel the mysteries of a solar system trapped in a time loop moments before being destroyed by a […]


Niche Spotlight – BE-A Walker | Niche Gamer

Today’s Spotlight is BE-A Walker, a physics-based side-scrolling shooter by Tequilabyte Studio, PlayWay S.A., and Game Operators. In the distance future, Earth is dying due to overpopulation and dwindling resources. Humanity has begun looking for new planets to colonize across the galaxy, and this search has brought them to the lush jungle world of Eldorado. […]


Niche Spotlight – Timelie | Niche Gamer

Today’s Spotlight is Timelie, a stealth puzzle game by Urnique Studio and Milk Bottle Studio. Timelie follows a young girl and a cat that are stuck in a surreal, abstract world. You control both characters simultaneously, and must use their complementary abilities to solve puzzles and escape detection. One of Timelie‘s main gameplay gimmicks is […]