Square Enix Trademarks Ever Crisis and The First Soldier, Fans Speculate Final Fantasy VII Remake Sequels | Niche Gamer

Square Enix have trademarked “Ever Crisis” and “The First Soldier,” leading to speculation they will be sequels to Final Fantasy VII Remake.  Chizai Watch, a website dedicated to monitoring new trademarks, discovered three made by Square Enix (translation: Google Translate). Under various categories related to video games, the applications for two of these were made on […]


Square Enix Release Three New Balan Wonderworld Character Trailers | Niche Gamer

Square Enix have released new story trailers for Balan Wonderworld, focusing on three more characters and future bosses. As previously reported, the player’s adventures through the world of people’s hearts is not always a smooth one. Some people have had their hearts twisted by bad memories and negative feelings, creating and even turning themselves into monsters. We […]