Adopt a purple monkey in Sea of Thieves with your Twitch Prime membership | PC Gamer

You’ll also receive some purple sails, a hull livery, a unicorn figurehead, and a few new emotes if you link your accounts. Read More Advertisements Related posts: Sea Of Thieves goes overboard with skeletons in this month’s Fort Of The Damned update | Rock Paper Shotgun Aww, you shouldn’t have! Rare just added a banjo […]


Sailing for Adventure in Sea of Thieves! | Wildcard Wednesdays

After accidentally “discovering” the same starting island multiple times, Marc & Larissa finally maybe have their sea legs in #SeaofThieves. Can they create a bustling skull and leech based economic system? Are there Sharks in the water? Seriously, are there? Twitch | Store | Patreon | Discord | Facebook | […]