Sea of Thieves New Haunted Shores Content Update Features Ghost Fleets, Ashen Expeditions | Niche Gamer

Sea of Thieves recently released the new Haunted Shores content update; adding a new enemy type, new emotes, new songs, and a new weekly event. The update features a new type of enemy, ghost ships. While ghastly ships manned by crews of skeletons have existed in the game from early on, the new ghost ships are […]


Sea of Thieves Now Available On Steam | Niche Gamer

Xbox Game Studios have finally brought Rare’s pirate multiplayer game, Sea of Thieves, to Steam. The game originally released on Xbox One and PC via the Windows Store back in March 2018. The game has received several large content updates since then, with the most recent one being the Lost Treasures patch that launched at […]