War Thunder is Getting PS5 and Xbox Series X+S Ports With Enhanced Visuals | Niche Gamer

Gaijin Entertainment has announced next-generation ports for War Thunder. The free-to-play, massively-multiplayer online war game is coming to Xbox Series X+S and PlayStation 5 sometime in mid-November, alongside a massive “New Power” content update. Gaijin notes the next-gen graphics engine includes DLSS technology support, enabling granular details like “grass crushed by tank tracks and clouds […]


War Thunder’s Strategist Crafting Event Live Until October 5 | Niche Gamer

Gaijin Entertainment are running a new limited time event for their multiplayer vehicular combat game, War Thunder. The Strategist is a “crafting event” that works somewhat like a tabletop wargame. Players acquire components during matches, from crates, or through the marketplace to assemble miniatures representing different types of soldiers. These miniatures are used to attack […]