Report: Twitter and Facebook Censor Hunter & Joe Biden-Ukraine “Smoking Gun” New York Post Article | Niche Gamer

Twitter and Facebook have censored an article from The New York Post, allegedly exposing Hunter Biden using US Presidential Nominee Joe Biden’s influence as then Vice-President in Ukraine for Burisma Holdings’ gain.   Twitter’s Censorship Allegations and Trump’s “Preventing Online Censorship” Executive Order Twitter has tried desperately over the years to curb accounts they deem […]


Report: Twitter Introduces Limitations Ahead of US Election; Early Result Announcements Marked as Misinformation and More | Niche Gamer

Twitter have announced new rules and limits in the run-up to the 2020 US election; including early result announcements being marked as misinformation. On October 9th, Twitter Support tweeted and posted on their blog how they would provide “additional, significant product and enforcement updates that will increase context and encourage more thoughtful consideration before Tweets […]